List of Types of Wesites You Can Make on WordPress

Are you wondering about the type of websites you can create with wordpress? See all I listed here.

Are you wondering about the type of websites you can create with wordpress?

Well, this will clear your doubts that WordPress is an amazing tool that can help you create any type of website. 

In this article I will list out 100 different types of websites in different niches with examples.

Let’s Begin.

Getting started With WordPress.

As a beginner the question of the type of website you can create on wordpress is very common. The first step you need to take before deciding on the type of website you can create are

  1. Getting a domain name.
  2. Getting web hosting.

Recommendations: We recommend using Bluehost or Namecheap when starting out for your hosting and domain name.

Bluehost gives a free domain name as a first timer when you buy their web hosting plan for $2.5 per month, also they preinstall the wordpress platform for you and they have great customer service to help you out.

Name cheap gives all first timers a discount when you buy domain and hosting from them.

What are the two types of wordpress websites?

  1. Self-hosted WordPress sites ( This is when you install WordPress on your own web hosting account and have full control over the site. You can customize it as you want, add your own plugins and themes, and monetize it any way you want.
  2. Hosted WordPress sites ( This is when you create a website on, which is a fully-hosted platform that manages the technical aspects of running a website for you. While you have less control over the site, it’s much easier to set up and manage, and you don’t need to worry about web hosting or site security.Although it is very costly.

Now that we have understood the difference let us list out all the different types of websites you can create on wordpress.

Types of Websites You Can Create On WordPress.

Website CategoryNichesExamples
1. BlogsFood Blog.Pinch of Yum, Smitten Kitchen
Personal Finance Blog.The Penny Hoarder
Travel Blog.Nomadic Matt
Parenting Blog.
Scary Mommy
Personal Development Blog,Tiny Buddha
2. E-commerceFashion E-commerceASOS
Furniture e-commerceWayfair

Toy E-commerce
Toy Universe
T-shirt Design E-commerceTspring, Redbubble
Gadget E-commerceCool Material.
3. Education.Online TutoringKhan Academy, Udemy, Teachable
Online Writing CommunityWattpad
College and UniversityCheck your local universities and colledges.
4. Health.General Health and Wellness.WebMD
Fitness and Exercise.MyFitnessPal
Nutrition and Diet.
5. Travel.Destination and vacation planning.Trip Advisor.
Airfare and hotel booking.Expedia.
Cruises and luxury travel.Viking Cruises.
Travel blogging and guides.Lonely Planet.
6. Technology.
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