Best Digital Skills To Learn In 2023

When I began my digital journey in 2017, I was unsure about the best digital skills to learn online in order to make money.

Before I dive into the main subject matter, it is important to know what digital skills are.

What are digital skills?

Digital skills are the abilities and knowledge needed to use and work with digital technologies and tools effectively. It means being able to use computers, software applications, and the internet in a smart and efficient way.

These skills are important for people to interact with the digital world, complete tasks quickly, and make the most of technology for personal, educational, work, and business purposes.

When I began my digital journey in 2017, I was unsure about the best digital skills to learn online in order to make money.

Driven by the enticing allure of online success stories shared on YouTube and various social media platforms, I yearned for a skill that could swiftly catapult me to financial prosperity. 

I wanted it so badly and swiftly.

Mehn!! Have got a lot of bills to pay….

I wanted to learn a skill that could quickly generate a significant income and achieve extraordinary results in a short time.

Keen on discovering the ultimate digital skill, I dabbled in various fields such as graphics design, video editing, dropshipping, and even ventured into Amazon KDP publishing.

 However, through my extensive experimentation, I arrived at a resolute conclusion:

 Before embarking on your digital learning journey, it is crucial to pose a series of honest questions to yourself.

These questions are crucial for the success of your chosen career path.

I encourage you to have a pen and paper ready, as it is crucial that you sincerely answer these questions before embarking on your learning journey.

Let me now share with you the top four questions that you should ask yourself before choosing a digital skill:

1. Do I have a genuine interest and passion for this skill?

It’s one thing to be interested in a skill because you’ve seen a lot of content about it. However, it’s also important to consider if you have a real passion for that skill.

When I started out, all I wanted was to make a lot of money online, and I would get excited by any opportunity promising six to seven-figure earnings. But I overlooked an important aspect: passion and personal connection.

I later realized that it’s much easier to stay motivated and dedicated to a skill that you enjoy and feel passionate about.

Now, answering this question will help you gain clarity to choose the right digital skill to learn.

2. Are these skills in demand and Relevant?

Another important question you need to answer is: Are these skills in demand and relevant? This will determine if you will be successful. If a skill is not needed or will become outdated soon, why spend time and resources learning it? You should also consider if there are people who will want your services and how to find them. Your skills will only be useful if there is demand for them, ensuring your business thrives and you achieve success.

3. How Much Time & Resources Can I Invest In Learning?

Now, this is absolutely crucial! Consider this: Do you have sufficient time to dedicate to learning? How long are you willing to invest? And how quickly do you aim to achieve mastery? It is vital to understand that acquiring a new skill requires starting from the basics and gradually progressing towards mastery through consistent effort. Take the time to outline a well-defined plan, determining the specific duration required to kickstart your learning journey. By committing to this plan, you’ll set yourself on a path towards success and expertise in your chosen skill.

4. Where Can I Get Mentorship or Support?

To enhance your journey, you need to be around like minded individuals to guide you and provide emotional and moral support. You need mentorship for motivation and accountability. It is better to be around like minded people so you can network and get partnership.

Remember, no man is an island, you need to get different perspectives from others in order to scale.

Now that you have successfully written your answers to these questions, here is a list of digital skills I recommend you can learn in 2023.

List of Digital Skills

  1. Digital Marketing,
  2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  3. Social Media Marketing.
  4. Content Marketing.
  5. Web Development.
  6. Data Analysis.


While I cannot predict the future with certainty, the digital skills mentioned are currently in high demand and widely used. However, it is important to note that the digital landscape is constantly evolving, and new technologies and trends may emerge in the next 10 years.

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These digital skills are expected to continue playing a significant role in the digital space.

However, the specific tools, platforms, and techniques within these domains may evolve, but the core concepts and skills are likely to carry over.

As technology progresses, it’s also possible that new digital skills may emerge in the coming years. Staying adaptable, continuously learning, and keeping up with industry trends will be essential for professionals to thrive in the digital landscape of the future.

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